The NX MobileAir Mess

Yes, NX MobileAir is (still) a mess.

What should be a solid and useful tool is one of the biggest software cluster f**** I've seen. 

Let me point out some of the (current) problems:

  • You're charged for storage on your own mobile device. That's right, the program is free and works right up until you try to take a 1000th image or create a new album. For the lovely price of only US$4.49 a month (US$53.88 a year) you can "unlock" the storage on the phone you already paid Apple for. I'm sure Nikon will call this approach Trialware, but the problem with that is that in your "trial" you'll discover all the other problems with the program ;~). 
  • It doesn't work with USB-C devices. That's right, the USB-C on your Z8 or Z9 can't speak to the USB-C on your iPhone 15 Max Pro or your iPad Pro (post 2018). Brilliant. So for that US$4.49 a month you get software that hasn't been updated to perform on the platform it was programmed for since 2018 (iPad) or September 2023 (iPhone). Gives you a lot of confidence that the crack team that needs that monthly tithe is working hard to make things work for you, doesn't it? If you've got a Zf, Z8, or Z9, you can sync NX MobileAir by making sure that NETWORK > USB data connection > iPhone is set.
  • High efficiency raw doesn't display. Nikon's notice sent to the NX MobileAir app says "We are currently confirming the details." Uh, nothing needs to be confirmed. It doesn't work. And it doesn't work because Apple apparently doesn't have a license to use the IntoPix SDK. All those coders you hired with my US$4.49/month are not going to be able to fix this on their own. Someone has to call Apple and convince them to license the IntoPix intellectual property. Good luck with that.
  • It gets interrupted. I'll quote Nikon: "Launching other applications or using network connections for other purposes may interrupt picture import and FTP upload. Consider investing in a smart device for use solely with NX MobileAir." Oh, and make sure it's an iPhone 14 or earlier, because USB-C doesn't work; you need a Lightning cable ;~).
  • It's not really supported. It's right there in the License Agreement: "No support services, including, but not limited to repair or replacement of and answer of any inquiry whatsoever by any means about the APPLICATION, is provided by Nikon, its employees, distributors, dealers, and agents." 

At its core, NX MobileAir is simply a repackaging of an Apache 2.0 server behind a minimum of user interface, plus a few other bits, like filtering and IPTC data entry. It's very tightly focused on a specific problem (getting images from camera to a remote FTP server) and not much else. You'd think that with such a narrow focus the programmers could create a better product ;~).

NX MobileAir needs some love. Or a third-party alternative.

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