Remotes for the Z System Cameras

The Z5, Z6, and Z7 feature Nikon's standard 10-pin rectangular remote connection, which is used for both wired and wireless remotes:

  • MC-DC2 wired remote — A simple wired remote. Lower cost versions of this solution exist, such as the Vello RS-N2II.
  • WR-R10 wireless transmitter — Nikon's wireless remote system, can trigger remote flashes or be used with the WR-T10 to fire the camera remotely.
  • Foologrpahy Unleased N2 — A smartphone-controlled wireless trigger that plugs in the 10-pin connector on these cameras. Integrates with geotagging, and supports interval and long time shooting.

Other Nikon cameras using this connector: D90, D3100 and later, D5xxx, D7xxx, D6xx, D7xx, Df, Coolpix P7700, P7800, A, and P1000.

The Z50 doesn't have a dedicated remote connection. Nikon has made a special Bluetooth type remote control for the Z50:

  • ML-L7 wireless remote — A remote with additional programmable functions and controls. The Coolpix P1000 can also use this remote.

USB options also exist:

  • Alpine Labs Pulse — A smartphone-controlled wireless trigger that plugs in the USB 3.0 connector on these cameras. Beyond triggering, supports long exposure, HDR, time lapse, photo booth, multiple camera triggering, and starting/stopping video.

Remember, too, that the SnapBridge application can act as a wireless remote trigger for the cameras.

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