Can I Buy a Printed Copy of Your Books?

If the book is Configuring and Using the Nikon Zfc, then yes, you can. On the page for that book you'll find a link to Amazon, where you can order a print on demand version of the book. While this is a regular paperback book with perfect binding, note that the interior of the book is black and white only, so any of the color examples in the book (think Picture Controls) are rendered in grayscale. 

Why don't I do this for Complete Guides or recent books? 

Complete Guides now range to as much as 1600 pages (!?!?). You cannot do print on demand for a book that size, and it would be very expensive if you could. 

Recent Configuring and Using books generally aren't distributed as print on demand books until I'm sure that they're in a stable form (e.g. Nikon isn't issuing any major firmware updates that change things in the book). 

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