Brackets and Plates for the Z5/Z6/Z7/Z6 II/Z7 II

Nikon introduced a Z-GR1 extension grip/plate and Z-VP1 bracket for the Z FX cameras (adds Arca-Swiss compatible plates):

bythom zgr1
bythom zvp1

Unfortunately, the Nikon bracket is only available in Japan at the moment. So you're left looking for a different bracket in the rest of the world.

The following other brackets and plates are available:

Fugasun L plate

Gabale QR

  • Arca-style L-plate for camera


Kirk Photo

  • PZ-178 Arca-style camera plate
  • BL-Z Arca-style L-plate for camera
  • PZ-130 Arca-style plate for FTZ adapter
  • BL-FTZV2 Arca-style L-bracket for the FTZ adapter


  • NK-Z71BK Leather half-case with Arca plate


  • PN-Z7 Arca-style camera plate
  • LN-Z7 Arca-style add-on L side plate for PN-Z7


  • MK-Z7G Slim Arca-style plate with grip extension — This grip/plate seems to have been redesigned a bit over time. It features an extension of the hand grip coupled with a full Arca-Style plate for the remainder of the camera bottom. The battery is accessed by moving the battery door from the camera to the bottom of the added grip
bythom meike plate

ProMedia Gear

  • PLMNBN11 Intelligent L bracket (for Z II's with MB-N11 grip)
  • PLMNBMN72 L bracket for Z II's

Really Right Stuff

  • BZ7 Arca-style base plate
  • BZ7-L Arca-style L-plate for camera



  • Fogrip Unique folding grip extension with Arca-style L plate across camera bottom


Three Legged Thing

  • Zelda Arca-style L-plate (available in copper or grey

The Arca-style foot Thom uses for his FTZ adapter is the Stabil FTZF.

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