How Do I Get Updates for my Book?

Every now and then I update my books. This often happens after a major Nikon firmware update where new features and functions are added. When I finish an update, my server sends an automated email message to you providing the updated link (this costs me real money, by the way). That link expires about a week after it is sent. Unfortunately, many email systems think automated messages are unwanted, and will put the update link in your Spam/Junk folder, where you might not notice it.

If for some reason I've produced an update and you didn't get it, you can ask me to send you a new link to the download via email. I need the full name and email address your order was placed from to do this. If your email address has changed since you ordered the book, a PayPal transaction ID will be needed for me to look up your purchase.

But be patient. I have to connect to a secure server, look up your account, and then refresh the link. The bad news is that I can’t always do this in a timely fashion. I won’t log into that server from anything but my office Internet connection using a known-secure machine, so if I’m out traveling or on assignment, it might take awhile before I get to your request. Also, I take one month off from the Internet each year, which means I'm not responding to emails, too. So again, be patient. You’ll eventually get a new link code in your email. 

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