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My allegiance is to the readers of this site. I attempt to inform, teach, critique, and comment on things related to the Nikon Z System cameras in ways that benefit my readership, first and foremost. 

Advertising is clearly labeled as such. We follow the FTC's guidelines for clarity in separating and identifying sponsorship or monetary relationships separately from content.

Any services or products provided by a vendor for free or reduced cost to us are identified as such. Source of all review equipment is identified. Any formal relationship we might have with a manufacturer is clearly disclosed when we cover that manufacturer's products. (One exception: like most Nikon professional shooters we're a member of NPS—Nikon Professional Services, a service provided to professional photographers using Nikon equipment that offers expedited repairs, loaner gear, and priority purchase access on new gear—and we don't disclose that every time we mention Nikon or even NPS, though we would add such a disclosure if we were writing about any gear loaned to us by NPS.)

No payment has been made to secure access to information or stories on this site. We disclose any and all potential conflict of interests.

This site agrees to reasonable information embargoes and respects them. We will sign an NDA agreement with product producers only if said agreement does not in some way preclude our ability from doing the primary job of this site. That said, we also honor our verbal embargo promises, as well.

All content on this site is the original work of this site (and Copyrighted) unless otherwise identified. We cite sources of information, where we can. We don't publish non-public information unless we can confirm such information from multiple, independent sources.

This site strives to be accurate. If errors are discovered, they are corrected as soon as possible. 

This site and its author do not enter contests or accept awards. If an unsolicited award were made for our site or product coverage for some reason, it's unlikely that we'd accept it. 

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