Voigtlander (Cosina) Manual Focus Lenses

Voigtlander is originally an Austrian optics company with a 100+ year history that designed mostly traditional, fast prime lenses. Since 1999, Voigtlander-branded products are manufactured and sold by the Japanese optics company, Cosina.

Cosina Web Page

Note: Cosina is a low volume producer of lenses. Historically, they have tended to announce lenses, produce them for awhile, then shut down production of them so as to use their limited manufacturing capacity to create new lenses. In January 2023, for instance, they discontinued production of five lenses (2 Leica M-mount, 3 Sony E-mount). Those discontinuations in the E-mount were for lenses that suddenly appeared for the Z-mount, which seems to indicate that Cosina was shifting a fixed production/parts capacity from one mount to another. 

My recommendation for the Voigtlander lens lineup has been and continues to be: if you think that you want one of their lenses, don’t wait to buy it or else you may find out that is has been discontinued and only used copies can still be found. This was the case for quite a few F-mount Voigtlander lenses, for example. I’d review and recommend one, Cosina would stop making it, and people then couldn’t find a new copy. 

The one bit of good news is that here in the US B&H, this site’s exclusive advertiser, tends to stock Voigtlander lenses and serves a bit as a lingering supply when Cosina does these discontinuations. Still, I’d tend to recommend that if “buying new” is important to you, that you don’t linger in picking up a Voigtlander lens of interest. 

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