Nikon Z-Related CP+ News

Just a compilation of things that were announced just prior to or at CP+ in Japan that relate to the Z-mount:

  • NikonZ8 firmware C2.00 — added Birds, Auto capture, Pixel shift shooting, and much more. And yes, I'll update my book on the Z8 soon. The Zf section of the booth is a cafe-based photo stage experience, the Z8 section is a portrait stage experience. There's also a section of the booth dedicated to experiencing all the telephoto lenses.
  • Laowa: 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D autofocus lens. Laowa's first autofocus lens is a full frame wide angle lens with nearly no linear distortion. 
  • Voigtlander: 75mm f/1.5 manual focus lens. Another Cosina-produced manual focus lens with electronic contacts.

Beyond the actual products, there's a demonstration of an upcoming Zfc firmware update. Nothing major other than a video tally frame, though you can now also see the Shooting Info screen in a color that matches your body color. Yeah, we needed that. Plus the Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 Pro lens (DX) may be about to finally appear.

I continue to hear background discussion that there will be a post-CP+/WPPI announcement, but details are scarce, including the actual planned date. It's becoming increasingly likely that I'll be offline for my usual annual month away from the Internet when the next Z camera is announced. 

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