Zf Accessories Start to Appear

It's always interesting to see what accessories get spawned when a new camera comes out. Since my Zf review was just posted, I thought I'd take a brief look at some of the items that have shown up for that new camera. It appears that with the Zf, it's a form of having your cake and eating it too: colored half cases. Here's just one of more than a dozen varieties I found on eBay:

Most claim to be genuine leather and even hand sewn. I mention this because it's a way to buy a plain Zf and then give it a color swirl for style—all Zf buyers are style-conscious after all ;~)—without having to do anything that alters the basic body. Prices, though, seem all over the board, ranging from US$70 to US$160. 

And speaking of pricey, I noticed one eBay vendor selling the Nikon produced Zf-GR1 grip (only available in Japan at the moment) for a ridiculous US$282.63. 

Ironically, using "ZF" in a search term on eBay will bring up one heck of a lot of Zeiss lenses, which, on an FTZ adapter would be appropriate for the camera. The reason this happens is because Zeiss referred to their electronic chipping of their lenses in the F-mount as ZF.2 ;~).

Meanwhile, the best looking add-on grip with Arca Swiss plate I've seen is at iwoodstore.com. As the name implies, the hand grip portion of this is a polished wood, and you have your choice of two grip styles and four finishes (walnut, ebony, oak, or rosewood). Oh, and they also sell a pricey wood hot shoe cover and "soft" shutter release. If anyone's looking to buy me a present this holiday season, I'll take an oak ZF grip and two oak HomePod stands please ;~).

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