What You Think a Z6 III Will Be

For some time now I've been collecting thoughts from readers of this site about what they think an eventual Z6 III might look like. Here's what the data I've been collecting and collating currently says you anticipate:

In general, the consensus seems to be that the Z6 II replacement will be slightly higher in cost, but also sport a number of tangible improvements, particularly in the focus, video, shutter, and viewfinder arenas. Given Nikon management's stated intent that they wish to bring Z9 technology downwards in the lineup, much of what you're anticipating is exactly that: an EXPEED7 doing a lot of new heavy lifting. 

The interesting thing to me is how many expect a boost in pixel count, probably because Sony is at 33mp with the A7 Mark IV, as well as the fact that APS-C cameras have been creeping upwards in pixel counts, too (Canon 33mp, Fujifilm 40mp, Sony 26mp). 

We're not far from the Z6 III launch now, so it won't be too long before you'll know whether what you anticipated is what you'll get. I simply wanted to put this out there prior to any launch leaks as a bit of a strawman. Discuss amongst yourselves...

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