Z Tidbits in Nikon's 2021 Report

Nikon has published their 2021 Report—basically their annual report—in Japanese. I haven't yet seen an English version of the document, but expect one soon.

A couple of Z-related things appear in the report. 

  • Of course, the Z9 will be launched.
  • A reaffirmation that "nearly" 30 lenses will be available by March 31, 2022 (implies 6 to 8 lens launches by then depending upon what they're counting and what "nearly" means; there are currently 8 lenses still in the Road Map that haven't been launched).
  • An odd discontinuity from their targeting high-end hobbyist and professional proclamations: "to increase the number of younger users, we will launch entrance models [note the plural; I think that refers to Zfc and Z30] with strengthened functions."
  • They once again use the phrase "flagship models" [again plural] when referencing future mirrorless cameras to be launched. Okay, Z9 is one, what is the other (or others)? 

The big issues confronting the Imaging Group during the year were (1) contraction of market; (2) intensified competition; and (3) parts procurement. Strangely, they didn't seem to suggest that travel restrictions have played much of a part for the Imaging Group (it did for the Precision Group, and that was noted).

I'll leave the rest of my remarks for later, when Nikon publishes the 2021 Report in English and you can follow along.

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