Will Nikon Announce Something for CP+?

Update: I wrote this article last week for publication today, and this morning CP+ decided to cancel the live portion of their event, making it again an online-only Webathon. I don't think that changes any company's launch process. I've edited the article to reflect the new information.

The Japan market CP+ photography show is coming up starting February 24th, and while the supply chain and other issues are still putting a damper on new products across the industry, we're starting to see a few press events popping up on the calendar in Japan for various camera companies. Will Nikon be one of them?

I think so, though it may be something more subdued (e.g. press release rather than press event). The early CP+ information has Nikon talking about a hybrid touch and try "event" that's part online and part in the exhibit hall, but I think that's not related to any product announcement. And now the exhibit hall part will go away.

I'm not hearing rumblings on new Z cameras at the moment, but one or two new Z-mount lenses appear about ready to be announced. Plus there's the already mentioned Z9 firmware update that adds the final (mostly video) features to the camera we're all waiting for, and the Z9 will was intended to be the centerpiece at Nikon's CP+ booth (with the Zfc being the other product they'll highlight). 

Thus, I'll take a wild stab at what we might hear from Nikon towards the end of February: one or more firmware updates, and perhaps a new Z-mount Nikkor (could be a development announcement or further details on one of the known road map lenses).  

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