What’s Thom About to Say?

As is typical with any Nikon new product announcement, Mark Comon (Paul’s Photo and Creative Photo Academy) and I will be discussing the new product and answering your questions via a free Zoom-based chat. 

Nikon’s product announcement is less than five days away: Wednesday, May 10th (8am EDT). NikonUSA has a page that provides a countdown and lets you register to receive email information. 

Mark and Thom's free live presentation is scheduled for Friday, May 12th at 5pm (PDT) (that’s 8pm on the East Coast, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have anything else more important to do on a Spring Friday evening ;~). We expect our online presentation to last the full two hours, and as usual, Thom will stick around to make sure all attendee questions get answered. The event will be recorded and available to those that have registered (probably later that weekend, but note that the recording is usually in 720P, not FullHD). So, for those of you who are overseas and the time is inconvenient, you should still register so that you get the recording later.

Registration is required, but free. You can register at Creative Photo Academy

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