What’s Coming Next?

While Nikon Rumors keeps discussing what a Z8 might be, I don’t believe the Z8 is Nikon’s next launch announcement (they might make a development announcement coincident with another product announcement). 

As I’ve noted earlier, I expect this to be a busy year for Nikon as they play catch up to make up for their rather quiet 2022, which was mostly subverted by supply chain issues. The real background noise in Tokyo right now concerns two other imminent camera bodies, lenses (both announcements and road map), software, and perhaps a new flash, but not the Z8. Of all these things, the only details I’ve learned seems to suggest that a Z6 III might be one of those two bodies, and that the SnapBridge/Nikon Image Space type software might be getting some attention. Both those things, though, would be considered “duh”. Everyone expects those to happen this year; the only thing I might be adding is that these now seem imminent, not further postponed.

I’m also pretty sure Nikon’s next announcements will coincide with my annual “Internet-free rest period,” where I go completely offline so as to refresh my brain, in order to come back with a clearer head that better sees the market, gear, and users for what they are. 

I’m going offline this year on March 24th, and plan to be back April 24th. 

Thus, you’ll probably have to wait until the end of April for my reporting and commentary for the next new Z System product(s). During that silent period I’ll be trying out some new lenses and attempting to get some final images for a book I’ve been working on. In other words, I’ll be concentrating on photography rather than writing about photography. 

Update: a few have interpreted my comments in the original post somewhat incorrectly. It could be two new cameras and a development announcement, but I think it’s more likely one new camera and a development announcement. Indeed, I see the sequence going something like this: (1) development announcement; (2) product announcement(s); (3) Fiscal year financials revealed (May 11); (4) product(s) ship; (5) development product announced; (6) development product ships. But even some at Nikon seem to not know what the actual dates and details will be. Note that we haven’t seen any regulation testing confirmations for a new camera yet, so things seem a little on the unsettled side.

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