What Z-Mount Lenses Do You Really Want?

It’s that time again. I’ve collected a large group of possible Z-mount lenses, ranging from those on the official Road Map, to designs that Nikon has patented, to F-mount lenses that might be likely to transition to Z-mount, to leaks of lenses that some claim were worked on by Nikkor engineering teams. That produced a list of 50 possible FX lenses and 8 possible DX lenses. I’ll also ask you about 12 current third-party full frame lenses that could transition to Z-mount, as well as 7 current third party APS-C lenses that might do the same. 

If you’re counting, that’s 77 potential lenses you’ll need to say yay or nay to. No, I’m not going to have an “other category,” as I don’t need to deal with a list that sprawls longer. This survey is all about your opinion of those specific 77 lenses. We can get to “what wasn’t included” later ;~).

Note that Nikon says that they intend the Z-mount lens lineup to essentially double in their next three fiscal years. So here’s your chance to help influence their decision as to what those lenses might be (I’ll be sharing the survey data with Nikon). 

Click Here to Take the Survey

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