What Does the Z9 Have the Z8 Doesn’t?

It’s a somewhat short list, but an important one for some. 

These are the things that were left out of a Z8 from the Z9 design:

  • No built-in vertical grip and controls (instead: optional MB-N12 battery grip)
  • No built-in GPS and logging (instead: use SnapBridge from your phone)
  • No built-in Ethernet (however, dongle can unlock Ethernet connectivity and Network settings)
  • No Kensington lock
  • No dual CFe slots (instead: one CFe, one SD)
  • No lock on the card slot door
  • No Fn4 button (Fn3 button moves to the Protect button)
  • No extra button row below the Rear LCD
  • No CSM #D3 (Limit release mode)
  • No PC Sync socket
  • No flash button on top button cluster (WB instead)
  • No full magnesium frame (instead: partial carbon fiber coupled with magnesium alloy)
  • Slightly shorter video recording time (90 minutes on Z8 versus 125 minutes on Z9)
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