What Does the Nikon Z8 Have the Z9 Doesn’t?

A very short list, which may disappear with firmware updates. These are the things that were added to a Z8 from the Z9 design:

  • 10-bit HEIF support
  • New Tone mode menu item (SDR/HLG, plus Set Picture Control (HLG))
  • Portrait impression balance
  • Skin softening function (both still and video)
  • AF improvements (dedicated Airplane detection, silhouette focus, smaller face detect)
  • USB LAN capability (two USB-C ports: one for USB Power Delivery, one for USB data)
  • 30% lighter, smaller than Z9
  • With HLG video, Z8 has base ISO of 400, the Z9 at 800 (NLOG both are 800)
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