Want to Master Nikon Z Focusing?

Two years ago I was in Africa on a private safari through some of my favorite places in Botswana. I took only two cameras and two lenses. A Z6, a Z7, and two F-mount lenses on FTZ adapters. I wrote about that trip in an article on this site

Remember, these were the original Z6 and Z7 cameras, with original firmware. They couldn't possibly focus on wildlife, let alone moving wildlife, right?

Of course they can, but not without understanding the Nikon autofocus system and how to use it best for different cases. I had originally planned an in-person lecture addressing just that subject using examples from that 2019 trip, but that was scheduled for March 2020, and we all know what happened then. 

For various reasons, I never did my focusing with Z's lecture live. But on Tuesday evening you'll get a chance to see it via the Creative Photography Academy. As with all my Zoom-based presentations, I'll stick around for as long as necessary to answer specific questions you might have. 

The goal of this paid talk (US$49) is to get you optimized for using the focus system of one of the current Z cameras much like I was back in 2019. Most of the complaints about Nikon Z6 and Z7 focus, particularly on the original models with the original firmware—which is what I was using on that 2019 trip—is that they weren't all that good at focusing on moving subjects. I'm prepared to say that was never true, though I suppose if you just expected to use Auto-everything-mode and let the camera do all the work, maybe it was. 

This lecture applies pretty much equally to the Zfc, Z50, Z5, Z6, Z6 II, Z7, and Z7 II, though there are some nuances where you'd change or use a different setting at times between those models. No, I won't be covering the Z9, as it isn't a current model yet. I'll deal with that at a later date. 

Event details:

  • Creative Photography Academy
  • November 23
  • 5-7pm Pacific Time (8-10 Eastern)
  • If for some reason you can't attend at that time, the recording will be available to you for one week
  • $49
  • Click here to register
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