The Z50 Gets Some Firmware Love

Nikon updated the Z50 firmware to version 2.40 today. This update adds eye-detection autofocus for video, improves the eye-detection performance in Auto-area AF mode for stills, and refreshes the focus point display faster in Subject tracking and Auto-area AF with face/eye detection active. Curiously, Nikon has still not added the extra AF Area modes of the Z30 and Zfc. 

Other things missing in the Z50 that should be easy “adds” given the Z30 and Zfc are Wide-area (L people) and Save/load menu settings, among others. This makes me scratch my head about how Nikon manages and justifies firmware updates. It really feels like they are cherry-picking a couple of easy things to mix in with a fix or two, but not building out the full capability they could. 

Nikon’s update site

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