The Sadder Case of the MB-N11

You're probably aware of my scathing review of the MB-N10. Well, today I bring you the sadder case of the MB-N11. Out of box, mine doesn't work. Oh, it works to power the camera just fine, and it'll charge the battery via USB. But none of the controls work (dials, AF-ON, thumb stick, Fn button). I might as well have stuck an MB-N10 onto my Z6 II ;~)-. 

So, back it goes, and we'll see if a new copy will actually work as expected so that I can actually review it. However, a word of caution to Nikon: this is the sort of problem you definitely don't want to have. I'm getting more "out of box" issue complaints from Nikon users lately. If Nikon wants to return to profitability, it's going to have to do a better job. It's just not the product specs that influence our buying decisions, it's the entire user experience. 

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