The Latest Discounts

Nikon’s latest discounts (good through the end of May) are mostly about lenses, and most of the non-kit Z lenses are now showing discounts here in the US. 

  • The f/1.8 S prime lenses all have US$100 discounts, except for the 35mm, which gets a US$150 discount. That puts the excellent 20mm at US$949, the better-than-excellent 50mm at US$499, and the excellent 85mm at US$699. Great prices for great lenses.
  • The f/2.8 S zoom trio all gets discounts of US$200. These form the best f/2.8 zoom trio available on any mount in my opinion, but all are still priced over US$2000 with the discounts. I’d say take the discount when you can get it if you’re going to be eventually buying these lenses. Nikon’s practice has tended to be to put such lenses on discount once or twice a year, for a month or less each time.
  • The 14-30mm f/4 gets a US$200 discount, which makes a desirable lens much more affordable. Don’t hesitate on that before they disappear from inventory.
  • For some reason the 24-200mm f/4-6.3 gets a US$100 discount, even though it’s in short supply still. At US$799, I don’t know of a better superzoom at anything close to that price.
  • If you’re looking for a long telephoto option short term, the 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E AF-P for the F-mount has long been the lens I suggest. It’s also on sale at US$399! That’s an incredible bargain for a very good lens. Moreover, this lens works well on the FTZ adapter on Z cameras.
  • The Z50 discounts continue, both for the single and double lens kits, as well as the Creator’s Kit.

Reminder: my suggested budget, small, versatile travel lens kit for the full frame Z System is the 14-30mm f/4, 24-70mm f/4, and the 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6. Two of those lenses are on sale right now. A reasonable two-lens compromise is the 14-30mm f/4 coupled with the 24-200mm f/4-6.3, and both those lenses are on sale.

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