The iPhone and the Z

Things just changed a bit with the camera/smartphone connection. At least if you have an iPhone 15 Pro model.

With an iPhone 15 Pro Max connected to my Z8 and the right camera settings enabled (NETWORK > USB data connection > iPhone) using an OWC Thunderbolt 4 cable the right things happen immediately with NX MobileAir. Moreover, some changes to NX MobileAir also make for an easier workflow for some: 

  1. Take your images with the camera.
  2. Mark your selects with Protected. (You could also use Ratings.)
  3. Connect the iPhone, grab all the images, then use the Filter in NX MobileAir to select only your Protected images.
  4. Share you Protected images. That might be by email, via X, Instagram, or an FTP server you're working with. 

You can do the IPTC entry either on the camera or the iPhone with the NX MobileAir app, as you see fit. 

Alternatively, you put the camera into NETWORK > USB data connection > MTP/PTP and Photos will now show you the Import choice. Import what you want to pass on and you can use Apple Photos as the hub from which you do your sharing.

Yes, this all sort of worked previously using Lightning-equipped iPhones. However, you needed a special cable or a dongled cable collaboration to make the physical connection, and the Lightning port was dirt slow for data transfer. The iPhone 15 Pro models support up to 10Gbps transfers, though the Z cameras don't achieve full speed. But the transfer is much faster than it was with the Lightning connector. Note that the iPhone 15 non-Pro models use USB 2 at 480Mbps, so are decidedly slower using the above choices.

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