Small Bites of Z News

  • Nikon introduced Z50 firmware 2.01, but it really only fixes an error when using Korean or simplified Chinese language. Those of us in the US and Europe don't need to update if we bought official import cameras, as the correction only impacts the display when those languages are set, and we can't set them.
  • It appears that third party lenses used on the the Z5 with the FTZ adapter result in Adobe raw converters not being able to read a Z5 NEF. This appears to be an Adobe issue, and a fix should be forthcoming soon.
  • Kirk has announced both an Arca foot plate (KLP-360-NL) and a complete replacement foot (LP-70) for the new 70-200mm f/2.8 S lens. The latter has a US$20 discount if you preorder before September 14th.
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