Reminder: Zf and Nikkor Talk Tonight

I’m giving a talk at Creative Photo Academy this evening (Monday, November 6) with Mark Comon on the latest Nikon Z System gear. We usually do an online even when a new camera comes out, but we were both out of the country when the Zf came out, and several lenses have popped up since our last session, too. Meanwhile, we’ve been using the new camera and lenses in our trips (well, okay, I haven't yet used the 600mm f/6.3 PF VR S yet, as it just shipped and mine is arriving this week). 

Our free talk will begin at 5pm PST. You can sign up for it at As usual, we record the session and make it available (usually the next day) to anyone who signed up and couldn’t be there for it live.

This is an opportunity to ask questions and get them answered by two workshop teachers who use this gear daily.

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