Random Z9 Notes

  • The Kastar EN-EL18 battery (3200mAh) does not work with the MH-33 charger. The Kastar battery used in the camera produces the following message: "The battery is unable to provide data to the camera and cannot be used. For safety, choose a battery designated for use in this camera." I've updated the Z9 battery page with this information. I've heard from others that the Wasabi version has the same problem.

  • The original FTZ adapter is now listed as "discontinued" by B&H, though refurbished ones are still available. Many other sites, including NikonUSA's, list the original adapter as "back-ordered" or "out-of-stock." The FTZ II adapter is in short supply, and also listed as "back-ordered" or "out of stock." 

    I've bemoaned Nikon's inability to appropriately supply accessories many times before, and this is just another example. One reason why we don't have a special "discount with FTZ adapter" offer in place for new Z cameras as we used to is that Nikon simply can't supply the adapter. Exactly how is it that you expect to transition DSLR users to mirrorless when you can't supply a key part, let alone offer a special price for it?

    Nikon needs to completely rethink the whole DSLR/mirrorless transition thing (some aren't going to transition!). They're getting it wrong, and the supply chain and shipping disruptions in the market are going to make their results worse than they could be. I've got a series of articles appearing on dslrbodies last week that deal with this.

  • Photonstophotos has published their Dynamic Range chart that now includes the Z9. As expected, the sensor is dual-gain (bump at ISO 500). While most are getting caught up in the "better/worse than X" debates, there's nothing particularly problematic with the results. What's more interesting are some of the sub-elements that aren't being discussed. The lower gain slope is different than I'd expect and more noticeably offset than I'd have expected, as well. 

  • More interesting is that I'm finding that the Adobe converters consistently set the White level far too low for Z9 raws (note today's blog entry). There's something I'm still not fully understanding about the way DNs (digital numbers) are being placed by the Z9. It took me awhile to find the non-linearity of highlights on the D850, for instance, and I'll bet I'm going to find the opposite on the Z9 based upon my preliminary evaluation and data now coming from elsewhere. A full report will have to await my full review of the camera.
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