No CP+ Launches?

Nikon has published their CP+ schedule, with all their content now being accounted for. Unless Nikon is playing really coy and being deceptive, all their presentations center around the Z6 II and Z7 II with their firmware updates, and on other current products, with particular emphasis on the new video capabilities (sessions on Blackmagic Design RAW and on editing RAW with Adobe Premiere are on the list). 

I've noted that the supply chain issues are causing everyone grief at the moment. Pentax cancelled their pending camera release because of this, while others seem to be announcing and keeping their fingers crossed (or maybe they have enough parts in inventory to siphon off products that aren't selling). Nikon seems to be struggling to meet Z6 II and particularly Z7 II demand as it is, and parts shortages aren't going to help that.

I've also previously predicted that Nikon would wait until after their year-end financial results are announced—which would be in early May—before rolling out any significant new product, particularly something like a Z8. I'm pretty sure that Nikon is micromanaging their finances to get as much of the bad news out of the way in their current fiscal year so that the upcoming fiscal year will look better (and show growth) in comparison. Unfortunately, both the continuing pandemic and the supply chain issues are going to impact the early part of their coming fiscal year, though. (Technically, their fiscal year ends March 31st, but Nikon typically doesn't like to launch a product just before their year-end financial conference, which usually happens in the second week of May.)

In some better news, the WR-R11 is now available here in the US (finally!). Those who've been waiting for the radio wireless remote option can now get it.

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