Nikon Z8 Repair Update #2

I've now gotten enough user feedback from customers on the Z8 System Advisory repairs to state with authority that the turnaround time—once you've gotten your UPS shipping label—is between seven and ten days for most people. Ship it on a Monday, and you'll have it back the following Tuesday seems to be the peak of a very narrow bell-shaped curve. The only exceptions seem to occur because of a holiday or where Nikon has found another issue with the camera that needs repair. 

Nikon is still not divulging exactly what either repair entails, but neither procedure seems to be problematic in terms of overall camera function. Given the number of cameras being repaired, you'd expect to hear plenty of cases of "new problem when the camera returned", which isn't happening. Overall, I've gotten quite a few "unhappy with having to get a new camera repaired, but happy with the way the repair went" type of comments. For example: "although initially mildly annoyed, the efficiency and timeliness of the recall/repair was very impressive."

I will note one thing about the strap mount repair: the service technicians are sometimes re-assembling the plastic triangle that hangs from the lug incorrectly. The black plastic bit is supposed to be on the camera body side of the triangle. On the two Z8's I had serviced, one was put back together correctly, but the other had one plastic body protector put on backwards. The object is to not have metal (triangle that holds the strap) rubbing against the body and thus causing wear on the body. This is an easy thing to fix yourself, however, should yours come back backwards.

There is one report I've seen of a "lost Z8 in shipping." Here's something to pay attention to: if you just drop your camera off at a UPS pickup facility or with a driver using Nikon's paperwork, you should ask for a Drop-Off Package Receipt, which will list the tracking number you can use to see that your camera does get to NikonUSA. The problem for a lost shipment is that, because Nikon is actually the shipper, there's nothing you can do specifically to get redress from UPS. NikonUSA has to do that. However, if you see that the tracking goes awry during shipment because you've followed the tracking number, you could at least notify NikonUSA of the issue so that they can follow up in a timely manner.

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