Nikon Update Status

In my usual August page-by-page site check for mistakes and clarity issues, I discovered that the firmware and software version page on this site was missing a few updates, so I've fixed that. 

So, in the interest of checking your current knowledge of Nikon's latest versions, did you know:

  • All cameras except the Zfc have had at least one firmware update.
  • Seven Z-mount lenses and the FTZ adapter have had at least one firmware update.
  • Camera Control Pro 2 was not updated for the Zfc (at least not yet).
  • Capture NX-D was not updated for the Zfc (use NX Studio instead).
  • Webcam Utility was updated for the Zfc.
  • WR-R10 units need to be sent in to Nikon for 3.00 firmware updates (you can do 2.00 firmware updates from the camera) in order to be fully compatible with the radio wireless flash unit (SB-5000).
  • The WT-7 can be used with all Z6 or Z7 models, but requires the current firmware for the WT-7.
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