More Firmware Updates for Z System (Updated)

Nikon today also announced firmware updates for the Z50, Z6, and Z7 cameras.

All three updates include support for the new teleconverters and the ability to update F-mount lens firmware installed in the FTZ adapter. Also, all three updates fixed the display of apertures in thirds of stops (f/1.2 is now correctly displayed as f/1.3), and fixed a bug with AE bracketing when exposure was locked.

The Z50 2.0 firmware update adds animal eye detection (automatically in Pet Portrait Scene exposure mode), fixes a bug where Release Priority was ignored in AF-S mode using the AF-On function, makes some changes to Subject Tracking, and fixes several other small problems.

The Z6 3.1 and Z7 3.1 firmware updates allow compliance with the Atomos Open protocol for external video control, and fixed a number of small issues, including the dreaded green LCD cast some have complained about.

Update: The FTZ Adapter gets a firmware update to 1.10 (and requires the camera updates, above) in order to support F-mount lens updates.

All firmware updates are available at the centralized Nikon download center.

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