FX Lens Recap

It seems like a good time to recap what lenses are available for the FX Z System bodies, given that we now have a full line of cameras to mount them on. Here goes:

Nikon has a reasonable range of autofocus lenses now, covering 14-400mm with zooms, and 20 to 105mm with primes. 

The two middle columns (Nikon manual focus and Third Party autofocus) look kind of barren. 

However, the Third Party manual focus column has 42 prime lens options and one zoom option.

Total number of currently available FX lenses in the Z mount is 66 lenses, 10 of which are zooms.

When the next DX body is introduced I'll do the same for DX lenses.

Update: fixed Viltrox AF lens references, 24-120mm reference.

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