Firmware Updates for the Z6 II and Z7 II

Nikon today dropped version 1.30 firmware updates for the Z6 II and Z7 II cameras. The updates consist of basically one (or two in the case of the Z6 II) new additions, one control clarification, and two fixes. Not exactly the firmware update another Web site was saying was coming, so some may be disappointed.

The new addition for both cameras is a Portrait Impression Balance function. This is a new menu item that appears on the PHOTO SHOOTING and MOVIE SHOOTING menus, and allows you to create up to three hue and brightness adjustment modes to adjust skin tones. As part of the new feature, Nikon has also published a new Portrait and Wedding Photography Guide for the two cameras, where the function is described in detail (along with other useful information).

The Z6 II also gets the Voice Memo option that was added to the Z6 in a previous firmware update. Why Voice Memo isn't also in the Z7 II firmware update is something that Nikon's paternal engineering team will need to explain to everyone (but, of course, won't). 

Meanwhile, something that people complained about when reviewing images has been adjusted: now when Image Review is On, it won't matter if the Rear LCD is tilted or not. 

Finally, we have a very specific focus problem that has been fixed, and now the SB-5000 flash-ready light will operate when using an WR-10 or WR-R11b transmitter.

I suspect the timing of this firmware update is deliberate: Nikon adds a feature or two just prior to Sony announcing a new competitive camera (A7 Mark IV on Thursday). If there is a big change to Z6 II and Z7 II focus firmware coming as has been suggested elsewhere, I wouldn't expect it to come until the Z9 has launched. Why? Because it's almost certainly going to play off a change that the Z9 makes to focus choices. 

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