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I’ve added a note to the Cosina (Voigtlander) page on this site*. This past week Cosina did what Cosina has done in the past: discontinued production of what some feel are key, interesting lenses. In this case, three fairly recent Sony E-mount lenses were discontinued (35mm, 40mm, and 50mm f/1.2 primes). Note that two of these are now produced in the Z-mount and the Z-mount versions haven’t been discontinued (they were both announced just last year; the Sony lenses being discontinued were introduced in 2017 and 2021). 

Cosina doesn’t tend to keep lenses in production indefinitely. They absolutely will cut off production and move to making something else at some point. This has been true for as long as I’ve tracked them (long back into the F-mount). It’s a bit annoying for someone like me that puts up reviews and keeps them visible, as in some cases that production has lasted less than a year, and then I end up with a review for something you can only buy used by the time you read it. 

This appears to be Cosina’s unique approach to the lens business: they have limited manufacturing and parts availability, so they produce a lens specification for a short period, then discontinue production of it to put something else into production. 

*Wait, what? Please note that on a desktop system (or tablet with enough real estate to show the full menu system) ANY item in the menu system can be clicked on, even headings, and all the heading items lead to a page that typically has useful information (plus links to the pages inside that subject). So, yes, you can click on Lenses to see that menu, or click on one of the items in that menu such as Third-Party lenses to get additional info about those, or click on one of the lens maker names further down the menu structure to see all the lenses covered and something about that maker. 

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