CFexpress Card Notes

  • Angelbird issued a firmware update for their AV Pro and AV Pro XT cards that provides better compatibility with a number of older cameras (Z6, Z7 are on the list). Unfortunately, this requires the Angelbird CFexpress Card Reader.
  • Pergear released a full line of CFexpress cards. However, note that the sustained write speeds vary considerably (64GB is 80Mbps, 128GB is 130MBps, 256GB is 240MBps, 512GB is 500MBps, 1TB is 580MBps, and 2TB is 800MBps). While the speed won't likely impact buffer performance on the Z6/Z7 models, it will on the Z9. I'd judge the 512GB as the minimum you'd want for high buffer performance on a Z9.
  • Acer Storage launched a line of CFexpress cards (128GB, 256GB, and 512GB). These cards are actually a brand license for the BIWIN cards, and specifically they say they are compatible with the Z6 and Z7 models, but do not include the Z9 in their compatibility list for some reason.
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